Bain Capital

  • Romney betrays his business background

    Politician Mitt makes promises that Bain Mitt would have never made.

    FORTUNE -- Mitt Romney has been a politician for the past 13 years, but his sales pitch to voters relies heavily upon his private sector experience. Sometimes, however, the juxtaposition doesn't ring true.

    For example, check out this exchange from Tuesday night's presidential debate:

    Crowley: "If somehow when you get in there, there isn't enough tax revenue coming in, if somehow the MORE

    - Oct 19, 2012 4:14 PM ET
  • Post-debate thoughts: What wasn't said

    No mentions of A123, Bain Capital or housing.

    FORTUNE -- A few business-related thoughts from last night's presidential debate:

    * I am simply dumbfounded that Romney didn't bring up A123, particularly given how much time he and Obama spent discussing energy policy. This is a company that received hundreds of millions in government loans, which went bankrupt on the very day of the debate. Maybe Romney has some history with A123 that I'm not aware MORE

    - Oct 17, 2012 10:33 AM ET
  • Bain exec responds to Biden 'hyperbole'

    Obama-supporting Bain Capital executive defends his firm.

    FORTUNE -- Steve Pagliuca is a Democrat, having run for U.S. Senate in a 2009 Massachusetts race that ultimately led to the election of Scott Brown (R-MA). He also is a managing director of Bain Capital, whose run as Democratic Party punching bag as been extended through to November 6.

    Like most Bain Capital executives, Pagliuca has stayed fairly quiet during the presidential campaign. But MORE

    - Oct 3, 2012 12:59 PM ET
  • Give Romney a break on 'harvesting' comment

    Candidate's 1985 statement is being misinterpreted.

    FORTUNE -- We've seen Mitt Romney say a bunch of dumb things in old videos over the past few weeks. But his desire to "harvest" investments while with Bain Capital is not one of them.

    The comment in question was made by Romney in 1985 and included in a 25th anniversary video for Bain & Company, the management consulting firm that spawned Bain Capital. Mother Jones MORE

    - Sep 28, 2012 2:40 PM ET
  • Why Romney can't save the Sensata workers

    Sorry, but Mitt Romney won't save the Freeport jobs

    FORTUNE -- As Occupy Wall Street celebrated its one-year anniversary yesterday in Zuccotti Park, a much smaller group of protesters set up camp in the northwestern Illinois town of Freeport. They called it called BainVille, in sarcastic homage to the private equity firm they blame for outsourcing their jobs to China.

    What the protesters want is for Mitt Romney to intervene on their MORE

    - Sep 18, 2012 4:43 PM ET
  • The Bain Capital divide

    Democrats and Republicans have found common ground on Bain Capital. With one major exception.

    FORTUNE -- Last week was Tampa. This week is Charlotte. My reason for being in both was to gauge delegate understanding of Bain Capital, and how that understanding impacted their opinions of a President Romney.

    To be honest, I expected lots of crazy talk from both sides. Talk about how Bain was the greatest force for job creation MORE

    - Sep 6, 2012 3:35 PM ET
  • Greed, debt and Matt Taibbi

    What Rolling Stone got right, and wrong, about Bain Capital.

    FORTUNE --  Very few of my friends understand private equity, let alone care about it. But some of them wrote me this past weekend, after reading Matt Taibbi's new cover story for Rolling Stone about Mitt Romney's time with Bain Capital. For example, this was from my former college housemate Andrew:

    I read the Taibbi article in Rolling Stone. Reading it you can MORE

    - Sep 4, 2012 4:19 PM ET
  • Mitt Romney's higher tax bill

    Resolving Romney's fee waiver issue.

    FORTUNE -- Mitt Romney paid taxes at a much lower rate than did many other Americans, but he may have paid at a higher rate than his former colleagues at Bain Capital.

    The underlying issue is management fee waivers.

    In short, private equity funds receive annual management fees that are used to cover overhead like salaries and office leases. Typically 2% of capital commitments, paid by fund investors MORE

    - Sep 4, 2012 2:54 PM ET
  • Bain is bad for jobs, Bain is good for jobs

    Bain Capital contains multitudes.

    FORTUNE -- The Huffington Post reports that several former employees of Bain Capital-owned companies will speak this week at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. No word yet on specifics, but don't expect them to mirror the glowing reviews of Bain that we heard last week in Tampa.

    In other words, Democratic speakers will say that private equity is horrible and Republican speakers said private equity is awesome.

    Here's MORE

    - Sep 4, 2012 12:10 PM ET
  • Bain Capital doesn't know energy

    Mitt Romney's private-sector experience didn't extend to energy.

    FORTUNE -- Lots of talk here in Tampa this evening about how President Obama has blocked the Keystone Pipeline, which many Republicans view as a job-killing kowtow to environmentalists. Tad True, vice president at a family-owned pipeline company in Wyoming, says that Mitt Romney "understands the importance of pipelines," and that he'll make sure it is built.

    No quibble with the last part, as MORE

    - Aug 29, 2012 9:36 PM ET
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