Bill Gurley

Facebook should take solace in Amazon

May 21, 2012: 12:53 PM ET

Facebook isn't the first Internet giant to "break" its IPO price.

FORTUNE -- In all the hubbub over Facebook (FB) shares falling below their $38 IPO price, venture capitalist Bill Gurley reminds us that such a "break" does not necessarily mean that the stock is a long-term dud. From a tweet late Friday:

Like Facebook, Amazon's (AMZN) underwriters had raised the offering range prior to IPO, ultimately pricing at $18 per share. It then "broke" on its fourth day of trading, closing down at $17.12 per share. The following day was even worse, closing at $16.75 per share. In fact, Amazon shares closed below their offering price for 5 of its first 13 days of trading.

And, to Gurley's point, it closed below the closing price on its first day of trading ($20.75) for two months.

But none of that doomed Amazon stock to a lifetime of mediocrity. As of last check, the company's stock was trading at around $219. So take comfort Facebook fans, not all is (necessarily) lost...

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