Lloyd Blankfein's reading list

March 23, 2011: 2:12 PM ET

Miss his appearance at the Raj Rajaratnam trial? Follow along at home with the documents the Goldman Sachs chief has read into the record.

Fortune's Katie Benner, attending the trial in Lower Manhattan, says Blankfein has shined in this role. She suspects that when Blankfein steps aside some day as Goldman's (GS) CEO he could take a shot at the dramatic reading circuit.

The sweet sound of Blankfein

So far Wednesday, Blankfein has read aloud from these compelling selections:

  1. A Sept. 23, 2008, press release announcing Berkshire Hathaway's $5 billion investment.
  2. A Nov. 10, 2006, press release announcing Rajat Gupta's appointment to Goldman's board.
  3. A June 26, 2008, Wall Street Journal column on how mergers could shore up the quaking banking system.
  4. And an October 2008 internal financial statement (sorry, no link) showing how the bank would end up losing $4.97 a share for the fourth quarter.

With any luck, the defense will give him a chance to read from the "God's work" article before the day is out.

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