• New details on Google's anti-aging startup

    Why Google decided to fund a bold new biotech platform.

    FORTUNE -- Google (GOOG) last month made waves in the biotech world by announcing the formation of Calico, a "new company that will focus on health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases." It would be led by ex-Genentech CEO Art Levinson – a bit of a surprising move given that Levinsohn effectively left the Google board several MORE

    - Oct 9, 2013 10:43 AM ET
  • Samsung hires ex-Google exec to make VC investments

    Luis Arbulu joins Samsung.

    FORTUNE -- Luis Arbulu, a former Google business development and investment executive, has joined Samsung Electronics (SSNLF), Fortune has learned. He will be a Menlo Park-based director in Samsung's new Open Innovation Center, whose strategy includes making small early-stage investments into promising hardware and software startups.

    Samsung launched the Open Innovation Center earlier this year, as a separate effort from its existing Samsung Ventures platform. In addition to MORE

    - Sep 19, 2013 2:27 PM ET
  • Exclusive: Google buys part of Hattery

    Google acqui-hires San Francisco incubator.

    FORTUNE -- Google has quietly "acqui-hired" most of the team at Hattery, a San Francisco-based digital innovation lab and venture capital firm founded by former Google (GOOG) employees Josh Mendelsohn, Joshua To and Luis Arbulu.

    Mendelsohn tells me that the deal closed a couple of months ago, with most of Hattery's innovation lab staff now working within various Google departments. This includes Joshua To, while Luis Arbulu has joined MORE

    - Sep 19, 2013 2:27 PM ET
  • Google's stealthy anti-aging startup

    We know we're all going to die someday. But we don't know much about how Google plans to stop it.

    FORTUNE -- Yesterday's big tech story (beyond Apple's iOS7 release) was actually a biotech story, but only because Google (GOOG) was involved. The search giant announced that it has launched Calico, a "new company that will focus on health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases."

    Or, as MORE

    - Sep 19, 2013 11:08 AM ET
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  • Exclusive: Uber adds big names to board

    Senior Google exec and private equity titan join Uber board of directors.

    FORTUNE -- On-demand car service Uber is adding a pair of heavy hitters to its board of directors, in conjunction with a new $360 million fundraise led by Google Ventures and TPG Capital.

    Fortune has learned from multiple sources that David Drummond, Google's (GOOG) chief legal officer and senior VP of corporate development, and TPG Capital co-founder David Bonderman have MORE

    - Aug 22, 2013 11:29 PM ET
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  • Will Google invest in Uber?

    Ride-sharing company Uber nears large new funding round with some unexpected investors.

    FORTUNE -- On-demand ride service Uber is in advanced talks to raise at least $150 million in a new round of funding from some unusual sources, Fortune has learned.

    Private equity firm Texas Pacific Group is expected to lead the round after beating out several other bidders, in one of its very few deals that would not include majority ownership. MORE

    - Jul 25, 2013 10:24 AM ET
  • The tax break that corporate America wants kept secret

    Oracle, Google, and Amazon are just a few of the hundreds of large companies that have cut confidential deals with the IRS to help lower their tax bills, and critics want the agency to disclose the details of these complex pacts.

    By Lynnley Browning

    FORTUNE -- When Oracle reported its latest quarterly earnings last month, most investors focused on the fact that its dividend doubled. The number that got less notice MORE

    Jul 22, 2013 5:00 AM ET
  • What Google could learn from Yahoo's acquisition strategy

    Google wants to partner with private equity on complicated deals. But there may be a better way.

    FORTUNE -- Google Inc. may soon partner with private equity firms to acquire other companies, according to comments made yesterday by Google mergers and acquisitions chief Don Harrison.

    But isn't there a better option? Like adding private equity veterans to Google's (GOOG) in-house corporate development team, like Yahoo (YHOO) has done?

    Here was Harrison's explanation, as paraphrased by MORE

    - Jun 19, 2013 12:45 PM ET
  • Early Waze backer maps out investment thesis

    When venture capitalist John Malloy first invested in Waze, the company was worth just a few million dollars. Now Google is paying more than $1 billion for it. Malloy explains what he saw back in 2008, and why his bet paid off.

    FORTUNE -- Google (GOOG) this week announced that it will buy social mapping company Waze for a reported $1.1 billion, beating out earlier suitors like Apple (AAPL) and Facebook MORE

    - Jun 13, 2013 3:18 PM ET
  • Introducing Google Glass Ventures?

    Google Glass may spawn a whole new world of startups.

    FORTUNE -- Okay, there isn't yet a Google Glass Ventures. Or, more specifically, not yet.

    Google (GOOG) is getting all sorts of buzz for its new Glass product, which basically would transfer the wonder of your smartphone to your regular field of vision. The best review so far is from Joshua Topolsky, who also reports that the actual device could be available to consumers MORE

    - Feb 22, 2013 4:48 PM ET
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