John Kinnucan

John Kinnucan: Hero or schmuck?

December 10, 2010: 5:00 AM ET

The consultant at the center of the FBI's insider trading probe has grabbed the microphone and won't let go. Is it an amateur move? Or a brilliant one?

Sometimes, it's difficult to figure out the motive behind people's actions. Take Julian Assange, for example. Is he actually an anarchist? Or just a wannabe playboy? It's hard to say. Maybe he's both.

Then there's John Kinnucan, heretofore-unknown technology researcher and current toast of the financial airwaves. Kinnucan, you may recall, runs a research firm called Broadband Research that connects investors with industry participants for a fee. He was contacted by the FBI at the end of October and asked to wear a wire in an insider-trading investigation targeting certain hedge funds, including the Big Kahuna, Steve Cohen's SAC Capital. More

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