SV Life Sciences

How much does SV Life Sciences really plan to raise?

January 16, 2014: 3:26 PM ET

sv-life-sciencesHealthcare VC firm prepares to raise its next fund.

FORTUNE -- Earlier this week, Dow Jones reported that SV Life Sciences is targeting $525 million for its sixth healthcare-focused venture capital fund. Well, sort of.

First, the Boston-based firm isn't fundraising yet. That won't happen until the second half of 2014.

If things go well, it is entirely possible that SV Life Sciences will tie off the fund at $525 million -- as it did for its fifth fund in 2009. But both Fund V and the $572 million Fund IV (raised in 2005) actually were marketed with $400 million targets.

Apparently SV Life Sciences views $400 million as the minimum amount it can raise and still execute against its strategy. Plus, it doesn't hurt from a PR perspective to set expectations low and then talk about being "oversubscribed."

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